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New York Association for Continuing and Community Education

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The New York Association for Continuing and Community Education (NYACCE) is a statewide association that provides information and support for professionals serving the needs of life-long learners.


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NYACCE is . . .


At our most basic level, NYACCE embraces its role as a leader, supporter, advocate, and innovator for the field of adult and continuing education.


NYACCE is a progressive membership organization, committed to adapting to the changing environment around us, as we strive to stimulate our own changes in adult and continuing education.


We are a resource-rich organization that offers its members access to information and networks as a means of supporting their work in adult and community education. This aspect represents a two-way exchange of support across the NYACCE network.


NYACCE is committed to adult and continuing education professionals, and the work that they do. We embrace the opportunity to inspire others in the field through our dedication to bettering the system in which we operate.

"NYACCE" is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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